Jordan Raskopoulos

Jordan Raskopoulos. 


Hi there, I'm Jordan. I'm a comedian but I also sing, write, make films, give talks, and paint tiny soldiers so I can do little wars. 

I started my career in 2005 as a core cast member and co-creator of the sketch comedy show The Ronnie John's Half HourIt was nominated for a Logie Award and went on to become a cult classic (which means that few people remember it but those that do bloody loved it). In 2006 I founded a musical comedy group with my friend's Lee and Benny called The Axis of Awesome. A video of our 4 Chords Song was tweeted by Ashton Kutcher in 2011 then we became really popular on the internet.

I toured the world with AoA for over a decade and we released a bunch of viral hits on the band's YouTube channel. During that time I became a regular fixture on Australian comedy TV appearing in shows like Thank God You're HereGood News Week and as a team captain on the SBS sports quiz show The Squiz. In 2012 I had a supporting role in a telemovie about Julian Assange called Underground and in 2013 I tried to convince the denizens of the internet to help me win a Logie for that role. I also performed and provided voices for a whole bunch of ads.

At the tail end of 2014 I came to the personal realisation that I was transgender. I began transition and came out publicly in 2016.

Since coming out and transitioning I've found myself balancing my entertainment career with a lot of speaking and advocacy work. I took on the role of host of the ABC podcast This is About but began creating content around issues such as Australia Day and Marriage EqualityI was also super proud to speak at TEDx Sydney in 2017 on the topic of High Functioning Anxiety


The hardest thing about being transgender is listening to "Hey Ya" by Outkast and remembering to respond to the "OK: now ladies" bit instead of the "Alright now fellas" bit.

- Jordan Raskopoulos


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