The Seeds of Doom

Last night I watched The Seeds of Doom, The Doctor Who story which, as a five year old child, had scared the everliving shit out of me.

I remember being utterly terrified as I witnessed a scene where a man was turned into a plant (the first minute of the video). When the chap was rolled over to reveal that his face had turned green I darted away from the television screaming and hid beneath the covers and didn’t watch Doctor Who again for twelve years.

It turns out that The Seeds of Doom is the only Dr Who DVD in my collection that is G-Rated… thank god five year old Jordan didn’t watch any of the PG ones…

I would like a Logie please.

The Logie awards are Australia’s equivalent of the Emmy’s. They’re our annual television awards but unlike the emmy’s, the big awards are decided by public vote… They’re usually won by soap opera actors, many a Neighbours starlet has claimed a Logie…

I was reading an article about how Seal has been nominated for best new talent for his role in being a judge on “The Voice” (… apparently being included on the soundtrack to a 1995 Batman movie does not discount you from being a new talent in Australia…

After reading the article I headed to the Logie website to lodge my vote for Seal. I was quite surprised to see my own face looking back at me in the “Most Popular Actor” Category…

I’d played a supporting role as a computer hacker called Trax (type casting at its best), in a telemovie about Julian Assange and somehow this had landed me a spot on the nominations for Australia’s most coveted television award… Upon inspection it seems that anyone who plaid any sort of role in an Australian television production is on the list…

So here’s the thing, I want the internet to help me win. I’m a no-name actor who played a very minor role in a telemovie… In return, I will let the internet write my acceptance speech. The language has to be TV friendly, but apart from that, if you can help get me over the line I will say whatever crazy stuff you want as I accept the award.

you can send speech suggestions to

Please don’t misread this as a plea to the internet to vote for me for my own gain. This is an opportunity to get a man from the internet onto live television to be very silly

To vote, go to this page. It’s not region locked.

Vote for me, Jordan Raskopoulos, for most popular actor
Vote for anyone else for the other categories but you should probably throw Seal a vote for best newcomer.

For this scheme to work I need to achieve more votes than the legitimate professionals. Which means, if you’re on board, you’ll probably need to vote a couple of times and you’ll need to encourage others to get on board too. We’ll need tens of thousands of votes to make this happen.

Also due to taste and length I’m not going to be able to include all suggestions for the speech. But I will do my best to include as many suggestions as possible.

Underground airs tonight.

“Underground – The Julian Assange” story airs tonight. Tune in at 8:30pm and watch as the worlds’ greatest phreaker, Trax, does some stuff with Julian Assange.

Despite the title, most of this film is about Trax.